1994 Why the Games : James brook’s first album originally released on cassette, 45 min folk punk style songs from the streets of Melbourne.

1995 In Essen EP Recorded at Radio Essen Germany 4 track ep released on cassette folk punk style songs written in Melbourne and Holland.

1996 Tryen to Make Some of them Nervous recorded in Brixton and Melbourne 45 min album released on cassette … songs of travelling in Australia and UK protest scene … Irish/English folk influenced.

1997 Resist Is To Win Recorded in Melbourne 60 min album on cd format, a gritty Australian experimental solo punk style … contains songs for East Timor and dealing in range of political issues from sex politics to squatting.

1998 Immigration Song Vinyl Ep recorded in Brixton and Prague … originally released by Bass Riot records in Czech Republic. 4 track tuneful ep with the classic Immigration Song … and a cover by Busker Al the country influenced “Pub Policy” unofficial anthem of UK road protestors.

1998 Ecowar Live in Praha Recorded live at 007 club Prague … one of Ecowar’s first gigs proving they were great from the start as Ernie starts hitting her drums.

1999 Skreech Tramps CD album the classic Tassie sound of Skreech Tramps with Laurie Agar’s unforgettable Irish trad harmonica playing … a rough and ready bitter sweet album of travel and Tasmania’s wild History … gritty folk style.

2000 Ecowar (first album) recorded in Spain … this carnival folk punk release from Ecowar shows early influences of punk folk techno … creative, tuneful, raw and high energy.

2001 Ecowar Fighting Spirit recorded in Amsterdam and Escadi this slick and solid anarcho punk rock release shows Ecowar’s sound solidifying into a tuneful, intelligently lyriced political musical blast.

2002 Ecowar Defending the Land recorded in Darwin and at 3CR radio Melbourne this is a documentary style album with interviews of the band and 4 new songs written on the 2002 Australia tour plus live to air versions of songs from the live set.

2006 Sound of the Plover Tasmania features as the backdrop to these tunes of country and maritime life. Well produced, folk indie alternative.

2007 Boarding Party E.P. Oz Rock Style Folk Punk with a touch of Dub. 3 piece band. Comes with filmclip.

2008 Ten Years by Ecowar released. Compilation of best tracks from a decade of touring plus 4 new unreleased recordings.

2012 South Ocean EP released on revolution harmony label.