Ecowar is an Anarcho Punk band, based in Europe, comprising James Brook, Ernie, and a varying array of guest musicians. When James is not pursuing his solo projects, he is often out there with Ecowar.

Started in 1998 this hard rocking political group have been sending out a positive uplifting message for more than a decade.

Ecowar have appeared with fire jugglers, stiltwalkers, extra guitar, keyboards, violin, drummers and singers.

They have toured Europe from Norway to Spain, Scotland to Serbia and every country in between. In 2002 they toured Australia.

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On the Ecowar website you will find MP3s, complete information on each of Ecowar’s three CD releases (including Track Listings, Liner Notes, Album Art and Lyrics), lots of photos and flyers, Press Reviews, and Band Info.

Most importantly you can get info on where you can catch Ecowar LIVE!