Resist Is To Win

Resist Is To Win is one of James’ earliest CDs.


Track Listing

  1. Izzie
  2. Richmond Eviction
  3. Jackies Marsh
  4. Blockade
  5. Who Ruined The Country
  6. Pain In My Cock
  7. Homazecksuality
  8. Falling Of The World
  9. Salty Song
  10. Spliff In Brighton
  11. Sad Aint Bad
  12. City Towers
  13. Didn’t I Tell Ya
  14. Lock It Down
  15. Log Dump
  16. Resist Is To Win
  17. Maleny Days


Liner Notes

Recorded by Nick
Mastered by David Briggs
CD Layout – Sean Doyle
Izzie Comic – Rob Abel
Drums – Chris
Bass – Fionia
Banjo – Mel
Guitars, Beatbox, Bell, Megaphone, Whistle, Plastic – James
Backing Vocals on Izzie – Mel
Extra Vocals on Spliff – Chris
Narrator – Phil Bastard
Recorded August – November 1996 North Melbourne
All songs written and sung by James Brook except Log Dump (words Zac)
Thanks To: Nick Ben Julian Lisa Jill Dad Doug Mel Josie Chris Fionia Anthony
Ros & many others